A Pint Project

Welcome to the Creativity Fluid project. Born out of a love of drinking and design, our goal is to offer one-of-a-kind beer glasses to the masses. We’ll be releasing new editions every month by artists you love and admire. Their only direction: Do what you like.These are limited runs of 100 sets (that’s 200 total of each). That’s all there’s ever gonna be. Collect ‘em all, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Wier / StewartWier / Stewart

W/S is a collection of designers, artists and friends working together in downtown Augusta, Georgia. Founded over 7 years ago, W/S focuses on branding and strategy with occasional fits of screen-printing, publishing and collaborative efforts like the one you see here. We like a challenge and we love good design.

Morning BreathMorning Breath

Morning Breath is Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto. The two first met in 1996 at Think Skateboards in San Francisco where they worked together in the design department and began a style of collaborating that would take them into the next decade.
After moving east they formalized their partnership in 2002 and established Morning Breath, Inc., a boutique studio located in Brooklyn, NY. Gradually their work grew beyond designing skate and snowboard graphics and expanded to include music packaging, apparel, posters and advertising.

These days Doug and Jason split their energy and time between commercial and personal work. Over the last decade Morning Breath has been worked on Hundreds of projects, nominated for a Grammy Award, showcased in numerous design books and publications, and have been invited to display and discuss their work around the globe. Most recently The two just showcased a few new pieces at the Fountain Art Fair as part of 2012 Art Basel Miami Beach, and our also collaborating with many skate/snowboard, and apparel companies for the 2013-2014 seasons.

About our personal work:

Breathing life into discarded visual ephemera from popular culture, Morning Breath resurrects outmoded imagery to produce artwork that is new and original, yet eerily familiar.  Morning Breath’s art practice is a multilayered system of collage on wood that begins with an initial image or typeface which is then built on by continually adding elements until a final image emerges.  Figures and objects are appropriated from old advertisements, divorced of their original intent as marketing devices and reconfigured into original compositions by the Manos Extrañas or “strange hands” of Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto. Devoid of narrative, human figures stand adrift in the stratified picture plane. Originally manifested as pawns in the free market strategy of “off” Madison Avenue. Madison Avenue’s stealth psychological manipulation, are now delivered to the viewer in a juxtaposition with religious and pop culture iconography creating a new kind of psychological mirage where the dream-like world of the subconscious emerges out of the recycled mundanity of everyday life.

The Half and HalfThe Half and Half

The Half and Half is a design/printmaking studio located in Columbia, SC. Their work is as passive, yet aggressive as their dynamic. A discordant, nevertheless familiar arrangement leaves the viewer with the sense of a profound tensile strength; ferocious, like a hungover lion…The female one, they are actually the hunters, which is surprising…At least to this reviewer. I mean, they have no mane, you know?

Halftone DefHalftone Def

Pint drops in May!

Halftone Def is dastardly looking duo comprised of two Good ole’ Boys from the south who might look tough but really ain’t never meanin’ no harm! 

Truth be told… Tron B. Burgundy & Grease E. Monkey spend most of their days in the garage either wrenching away on some sweet logo’s, t-shirts, or skateboards but they both jump at the chance to flex their opposable thumbs on some hand tuned screen printed posters!

But rest assured, there ain’t a days end that goes by without those two putting down a couple of cold ones and talking trash about who’s got bigger chops!

Halftone Def – 100% Hand Tuned Design from the Dirty South

bioNorthbound Design™

Northbound Design is a full service digital branding agency, providing clients with functional front-end web design, development, digital branding and creative direction. Our goal is to build creative, high-end online experiences that effectively communicate your brand’s personality.

Bandito Design CoBandito Design Co.

Ryan Brinkerhoff is an illustrator and designer and the founder of Bandito Design Co. He uses geometric shapes and bold colors to create a bright, retro-inspired style for gig posters, art prints, and t-shirts. His beer of choice: Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

Us and ThemUs and Them

We are two artists, directors, and designers living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Curious by nature and inspired by the big and little, we’re fueled by our passion for living. Follow us at usandthemstudio.com.

Gil ShulerGil Shuler Graphic Design

Gil Shuler. Native South Carolinian. Been drawing all my life and still drawing all the time. Raised on a farm by hardworking parents who instilled in me that hard work, good craftsmanship and strong relationships make life meaningful and fun.

Gil Shuler Graphic Design is a graphic design firm that was established in downtown Charleston, SC in 1985. We make art for commercial purposes: full branding exercises, logos/icons, books, posters, packaging, signage systems, interactive, & illustration.


Pint drops in June!

Futurehaus is the side-venture of three partners—Javier Otero, JT Helms, and Greg Calvert—that were looking for another kind of creative outlet from their agency jobs in Chicago, IL. With a love for sci-fi culture, high design, and tech, they focused on exploring iOS development and identities for local business and non-profits. In 2011 they launched the Visn app for iOS, a visual feed reader / mobile art gallery. Check it out at Visnapp.com.

Nate DuvalNate Duval

Pint drops in July!

Nate Duval is an illustrator and designer based in Massachusetts. Nate’s work ranges from album artwork, merchandise and apparel design to branding, web design and packaging and product Design. His whimsical imagery is often completely hand-drawn and hand-printed. He works under the mantra of “Make a lot of stuff and see what sticks.” Nate’s clients have included Nike, Sierra Nevada, LOST, Blue Q, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Wilco, IFC, Sweet N’ Low and many more.